About Us: Our mission at the NBPF


The Newport Beach Police  Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the residents of Newport Beach and the police employees. The Foundation seeks to improve the safety of people in Newport Beach and its surrounding communities by funding both community outreach programs and internal department programs.

The fundamental goal is to increase awareness regarding our Foundation and to educate the public on how our police employees are bettering our community by making it a safer place to;



and visit.

To achieve the Foundation’s goals and objectives all initiatives will be made possible through the efforts of our public and private relationships with businesses, civic leaders and citizens of Newport Beach.

A primary goal of the our organization is to provide information that supports the Newport Beach Police, Sheriff, and Law enforcement. The NBPF primary focus is to congeal and strengthen the bonds between the public and active law enforcement. 

Through these efforts, various initiatives are embraced to support the relationship between public and private entities; including business, civic, and citizenry of Newport Beach.

We aim to be your resource that maximizes the safety of officers and residents. With your assistance, we fund the necessary training, procurement of equipment, while building the community outreach programs which are not yet provided for within the community.

Thank you for taking the time to be here today, and welcome aboard!

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